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Mappa di Stati Uniti Politica Fisica

Mappa di Stati Uniti Politica Fisica immagini
Mappa di Stati Uniti Politica Fisica

Mappa di Stati Uniti Politica Fisica Grande
Nord del paese è il Canada Stati Uniti
United States include, in accession to the 48 above states, Alaska (the better of the states), Hawaii, and assorted territories in the Caribbean and the Pacific, including Puerto Rico (or Puerto Rico), which is angry to the United States an affiliation alleged the Commonwealth. The District of Columbia Washington has the capital, and originally belonged to Maryland (and until the civilian war included a allotment of Virginia). The capital states are almost disconnected into those on the east bank (East Coast), the Midwest, the abundance areas (Mountain states, including Southwest), and the west bank (West Coast). The states of the east bank are, from arctic to south, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont (which is not on the coast), Massachusetts, Rhode Island (the aboriginal of the states), Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania (which is abreast the bank and whose western bisected is about advised allotment of the Midwest), New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Arctic Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida. The aftermost 5 (from Virginia), accept additionally been counted as South Geographically this breadth includes actual old and low mountains, the Appalachians, with a about from northeast to southwest, as able-bodied as abounding bounded phenomena, including phenomena ice to the north, the tectonic faults of the Hudson Valley and the breadth of ​​limestone (coral) in Florida. The advance of the rivers is about from west to east. The rivers tend to be bound in breadth but advanced and bland flow. The tides are about strong, abnormally in the north. The winters are algid (northern) or abstinent (south) and boiling summers, too humid.

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